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Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Types of job

Warrington & Halton Hospitals (WHH) consists of a paediatric ward, paediatric assessment unit (PAU), paediatric A&E department and a level 2 neonatal unit.

The paediatric ward contains 20 beds – 12 cubicles and 2 bays (ward B11 bays and cubicles). B11 continues into ward B10 which is where PAU is located.

SHO’s will be expected to cover the postnatal ward and delivery suite. This involves attending deliveries, completing NIPE’s and attending to any midwifery concerns regarding newborns. ST3 + would usually manage the neonatal unit with consultant support.

As a junior paediatric trainee, if you would like experience on the neonatal unit then the consultants can arrange this for you when the SHO rota is not short staffed.

Size of department

This is a medium sized department. The paediatric ward contains 20 beds, PAU has 7 beds and NNU contains an ICU/HDU bay and a nursery bay.

Rota intensity/frequency of shifts

At SHO level, there is always one SHO on long day, one SHO on nights and one SHO on twilights. The remainder of your shifts will be normal days.

How busy is job – average

The department can get quite busy at times

Positive points

Friendly and supportive team. 

Consultants, staff grades and ANNPs have a lot of experience to offer which provide you with excellent learning opportunities.

On a normally staffed rota – continuing professional development (CPD) time is provided.

Average driving commute from Liverpool centre rush hour v out of hours

45 minutes OOH and around 1 hour (up to 1hr 15mins) during rush hour from Liverpool city centre.

Public transport

via train: 5-10 minute walk to Liverpool lime street. 40 mins single train journey to Warrington Central. 15 minute walk to the hospital. Total journey just over 1hr.

via bus: Bus No. 7 from Liverpool One Bus Station. 1hr 30min bus ride to Pickmere street followed by 15 minute walk to the hospital.

Cycle facilities


Hospital accommodation

On site accommodation. Requires booking in advance. Not always available due high demand.

Rota coordinator contact details

SHO rota is co-ordinated by one of the SHO’s under the supervision of Dr Gopalakrishna (

Registrar rota is co-ordinated by one of the registrars under the supervision of Dr Satish Hulikere (

Induction is organised by college tutor Dr Aarti Sridharan (

Any special interests particularly catered to?

3 consultants with special interest in cardiology.

3 consultants with special interest in epilepsy who work closely with the epilepsy nurses.

2 consultants with diabetes interest who work closely with diabetes nurses.

Dr Brigg’s has an interest in allergy. He has retired but still returns to do occasional clinics. Very keen to teach and sitting in with him during his clinics is a great learning experience.

2 consultants with special interest in respiratory.

Safeguarding Lead consultant. Lots of strategy meetings to sit in on.

1 Paediatric A&E consultant who runs and manages the paediatric A&E department.

All consultants, ANNPs and staff grades have significant interest and experience in neonates.

Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: List
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