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Helpful Websites/Apps

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The British Medical Association doctor’s union

The BMA support doctors and ensure fair treatment by employers. They can check rotas are compliant and assist with queries relating to pay as well as advocating for doctors in general. Support doctors in difficulty. Requires a membership fee of £10-20 per month for junior doctors.

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Doctors' Association UK

Doctors' association UK are a strictly non-profit campaigning and lobbying organisation, comprised of UK doctors and medical students. They advocate for both the medical profession and patients, and they’re fighting for a better NHS for everyone.



This describes several key points regarding paediatric training in the UK. It has information on applying for training, the paediatric curriculum and ePortfolio, ARCP process, SPIN and GRID training.


E-Learning platform

Online e-learning platform. Many paediatric specific e-learning modules available.


Induction App

Induction App

This enables you to look up hospital specific phone numbers and is very useful when rotating to different hospitals.


North West Paediatric Transport Service

The North West Paediatric Transport Service (NWTS) provide a guide to help calculating drug doses for sick patients. Useful for emergencies in the regional hospitals.

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Mersey Burns App

A free app for calculating percentage burns easily


WHO Growth Charts

App for calculating height, weight and head circumference centiles based on gestation. Also gives BMI which you can look up centiles here


Paediatrics ECG

A website with lots of information including a guide to paediatric ECG interpretation

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Dragon Bytes Podcast

Podcast run by paediatric trainees. Lots of useful exam topics as well as talks with soft landings (@Paedsoftlanding on twitter) about adapting to work in UK.


Dont Forget The Bubbles

Don’t forget the bubbles is a great source of paediatric education articles and podcasts


Paediatric FOAMed

Lots of useful education articles divided in to relevant sections (neonates/gen paeds/community)

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Neomate offers drug, infusion and fluid calculations, concise checklists for common clinical problems, and quick reference information to guide acute neonatal intensive care.

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