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Whiston Hospital

  • Types of job

Combined district general paediatrics. All trainees are on a single rota covering paediatric patients on two paediatric wards, admissions unit, A+E referrals and a 15 cot tier 2 neonatal unit. Community paediatrics both at Whiston and Alder Hey also on same on call rota for out of hours shifts.

  • Size of department

Medium sized department with 11 consultants.

  • Rota intensity/frequency of shifts

Fairly frequent on calls with evening/twilight/night shifts, particularly at registrar level as two registrars on overnight to allow for safe cover of wards, neonates as well as fairly busy A+E.

  • How busy is job – average

Has a relatively high patient load and shifts can be busy. Good support from consultants and having (at least) 2 registrars working at a time.

  • Positive points

Friendly department. Many keen and approachable consultants who are happy to teach. The mix of patients and acuity leads to good experience. Easy access from Liverpool.

  • Average driving commute from Liverpool centre rush hour v out of hours

30 minutes to 45 minutes.

  • Public transport

Buses 10A (around 40 minutes from Liverpool city centre) as well as 89 and 61 stop outside Whiston hospital.

Whiston rail station a 1 mile (20 minute walk) and 18 minutes train from Liverpool  Lime street station.

  • Cycle facilities

Code locked cycle storage locker. Showers and lockers available within the paediatric department.

  • Hospital accommodation

On call rooms available if too tired to get home safely. Longer term accommodation can be arranged – contact accommodation officer for details.

  • Rota coordinator contact details

Rota coordinator –

  • Any special interests particularly catered to?

Consultants with special interests in respiratory, cardiology and allergy.

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