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Ormskirk Hospital

·        Types of job

Combined district general paediatrics and level two neonatal unit. Ormskirk only gets registrar level trainees, e.g. ST3 and above.  All trainees are on a single rota covering paediatric patients on one paediatric ward, assessment bay, A+E referrals and a tier 2 neonatal unit. The trainee doing community paediatrics is on the same on call rota for out of hours shifts. The neonatal unit has 4 ITU spaces so you manage unwell preterm babies.

·        Size of department

The department is a smaller one, with around 10 consultants. The consultant on call is resident until 8pm during the week and at the weekend is present 9-13 and 19-21.30. 

·        Rota intensity/frequency of shifts

Generally speaking, there are night shifts, long days when you cover paediatric ward and admissions and after 5pm also neonates. Night shift are every 3 or 4 weeks (depending on the rota pattern), on call long days are not as frequent however there might be rota gaps which need filling in.

·        How busy is job – average

It can get fairly busy out of hours as there is only one registrar covering three different places (assessment unit, ward and neonates). Consultants are very supportive and see all new admissions in the evening after 4.30pm handover or later in the evening before night time handover.

·        Positive points

Very friendly nurses, HCAs, ANP, APNP and PA. There is a very lovely team on neonatal unit. Supportive consultants. The neonatal unit keeps babies born at 27 weeks and above so you are exposed to extremely premature newborns and their management.

·        Average driving commute from Liverpool centre rush hour v out of hours

Roughly 30 to 40 minutes from Liverpool city centre.

·        Public transport

Liverpool central to Ormskirk via train (direct) takes 35 minutes. Buses from the train station to ODGH are numbers 310/375/385 (9 minutes journey).Buses to Ormskirk from Liverpool, Leeds street take about 1h11minutes.

·        Cycle facilities

There is a bike bin (like a shed) which you can use.

·        Hospital accommodation

No hospital accommodation available in Ormskirk. However there are oncall rooms available if you feel tired after your night shift and do not want to travel.

·        Rota coordinator contact details

Acting directorate manager for paediatrics and interim rota coordinator is Graeme Seddon. Direct line: 01695656247. Email:

·        Any special interests particularly catered to?

There are 2 consultants with interest in neonates and are working on improvements in neonatal unit. There are consultants with interest in Diabetes, dermatology, gastroenterology and epilepsy. There is also a community paediatric consultant.

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