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Macclesfield Hospital

Types of job

General Paediatrics and Level 1 Neonates (re-starting from approx. Dec 2021)

Size of department

Small: 16 beds with 5 assessment ward beds

 Rota intensity/frequency of shifts

7 ST4-8/middle grades/registrars (3 deanery trainees and 4 SAS - staff grade, associate specialist and speciality doctors) so fairly frequent on-calls. Cross cover ward and neonates out of hours. Extra neonatal registrar during week days to support. Normal days are 8:30-16:30.

How busy is job – average

Quiet - usually only see 5-10 referrals in a day shift and 0-5 in a night shift. and average would definitely be on the lower end of that.

There is only one middle grade out of hours, however, so it  can become busy.

Positive points

On the quieter side so can get portfolio and audit/projects done. 

Good for allergy, brilliant Simulation lab team and good teaching opportunities after morning handover. Small but good library.

Average driving commute from Liverpool centre rush hour v out of hours

Rush hour: 70 mins, Out of hours: 60 mins

Public transport

Macclesfield train station is 15 mins walk from hospital. Train from Liverpool would take about 1h45 mins! Average 25 minute train into Manchester centre. 

Limited bus links from Manchester or Liverpool.

Cycle facilities

Plenty of cycle racks, though not all covered. No showers on Children's ward but available in other departments.

Hospital accommodation

Really nice accommodation which is free, and usually available. Very poor internet access and no WIfi however.

Rota coordinator contact details

Karolina Stepien-Bialy

Any special interests particularly catered to?

Allergy, Epilepsy, Diabetes (specialist nurses for these as well as consultants with special interests). Visiting Consultants from tertiary centres (monthly)  in urology, rheumatology, cardiology, neurology, nephrology and endocrinology

Macclesfield Hospital: List
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