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Glan Clwyd Hospital

Types of job

Most trainees at Glan Clwyd are North Wales trainees but there are usually 1-2 posts at each level covered by Mersey trainees.

Tier 1 / SHO – separate general paediatric and neonatal rotas. Mersey trainees only on paediatric rota.

Tier 2 / registrar – mostly general paediatrics in daytime hours with 1 in 7ish weeks on NICU. Out of hours there is one registrar covering both sides, with separate paeds and neonatal SHOs and consultants.

Tier 2 community – based at either Conwy or Denbighshire (Rhyl) for community, with on calls at Glan Clwyd as above.

Size of department

Paediatric ward has 2 HDU beds, 4 enhanced care beds, 20 beds / cubicles, a 6 bed assessment bay and 6 bed daycase surgical bay.

Neonatal unit is a “SURNICC” (= subregional neonatal intensive care centre) classed as a level 2+ unit. It has 20 cots – 12 ITU/HDU. It cares for babies 26 weeks gestation and above, and can provide most ITU care except nitric oxide and surgical.

  • Rota intensity/frequency of shifts

1 in 10 on call rota! Lots of 8:30-4:30 days.

  • How busy is job – average

Average in hours, can be busy for tier 2 especially out of hours.

Positive points

1 in 10 on call rota is welsh government requirement. As is free parking!  Paediatric consultants are very supportive. Often plenty of doctors in daytime. Lots of outpatient experience usually with admin time.

Community paediatrics is reported to be one of the best community experiences in the deanery.

Average driving commute from Liverpool centre rush hour v out of hours

Just over an hour from Liverpool, 40 minutes from Chester in normal traffic.

Rush hour not too much of a problem, but holiday traffic going to Wales in summer can be!

Public transport

Not feasible on a daily basis from Liverpool or Chester. Nearest train station is Rhyl with plenty of buses from there to hospital.

Cycle facilities

Not feasible from Liverpool or Chester

Hospital accommodation

Not great quality but is available if booked in advance. Can be difficult to book.

Rota coordinator contact details

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